Company Profile

  China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd. (China Huarong, stock code:2799), previously known as China Huarong Asset Management Corporation, was founded on November 1, 1999. On September 28, 2012, China Huarong was converted into a joint stock limited company upon the approval of the State Council. On October 30, 2015, China Huarong was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

  By the end of 2018, the total assets of China Huarong amounted to RMB 1.71 trillion, with net assets worth RMB 168.6 billion. The Company’s total revenue in 2018 reached RMB 107.3 billion.

  Currently, China Huarong has 31 branches with geographic coverage across 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in the China mainland as well as in Hong Kong and Macao. Its operating subsidiaries include Huarong Securities, Huarong Financial Leasing, Huarong Xiangjiang Bank, Huarong Trust, Huarong Futures, Huarong Rongde, Huarong Real Estate, Huarong International and Huarong Consumer Finance. China Huarong provides multi-licensed, multifunctional and comprehensive financial services in areas such as distressed asset management, asset management, banking, securities, trust, financial leasing, investment, futures and consumer finance.

  Looking into the future, China Huarong will adhere to the national orientation of financial asset management companies, focus on the main business of distressed assets management, strive to serve the real economy, prevent and control financial risks, deepen reform and transformation, create a sustainable business model, and achieve the goal of constructing a new Huarong with high-quality development.

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